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Long before ISPM#15 was applied to International trade. We have conclude that the Standard for Heating Treatment or Fumigation Treatment with Methyl Bromaide won’t be able to continuously protect the wood packaging form the attack of plant disturbing organisms (OPT) in Indonesia

Pest could be die at the time the wood packaging treatment was doing. But other disease, like fungal disease can not die in the heating wood method until the core temperature reaches 56°C for at least 30 minutes, Regardless of wood water content must be below 20%

Indonesia is a unique climate country that is tropical / hot with a very high humidity that reach 90% for certain regions. Because of that, it is very possible for pests and fungi to return even thought the wood packaging methods already done.

This is because HT method treatment & MB is a non permanent methods. So there is no residual effect on the wood that prevents wood damage from being attacked by pests again.

And now we have found the best application method using Semi Permanent Immunization Treatment (SPIT®) Method with the L8D ™ Application. This method will give a residual effect to prevent wood

damage from pests for about 1 month. And if within 1 month, the wood packaging has not yet been exported. The wood will be immunized again, and so on.
This method has been through the process of testing the efficacy, residual effects, toxicity and has been recognized
and the seminar on:

This method has been through the process of efficacy testing, residual effects, toxicity and has been accredited and seminar on :

Validity :
  1. UPT Biomaterial LIPI: Ability to survive from the attack of plant disturbing organism and fungi on wood packaging.
  2. UPT Biomaterial LIPI: Eco – Friendly
  3. BARANTAN: 8 Gods Solutions (L8D)
  4. HAKI : Patent Rights
Seminar / Presentation / Paper :
  1. Agricultural quarantine agency (Badan Karantina Pertanian – BARANTAN)
  2. Customers testimony
  3. Indonesian Wood Research Society (Masyarakat Peneliti Kayu Indonesia – MAPEKI)
  4. Explanation Letter to AQIS
  5. Intellectual Property Rights (Hak atas Kekayaan Intelektual)
  6. Indonesia Institute of Science (Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia – LIPI)
  7. All packing declarations issued throughout the world

Able to withstand fungal attack

Eco – friendly

Solutions Compund of 8 Dewa

Patent Rights



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Kami telah menemukan suatu Metode Aplikasi yaitu Metode Semi Permanent Immunization Treatment (SPIT®) dengan Aplikasi L8D™. Metode ini akan memberikan Efek residual dalam waktu tetentu sekitar 1 bulan sehingga Hama tidak akan menyerang Kemasan Kayu tersebut. Apabila dalam waktu 1 bulan Kemasan Kayu belum diekspor maka Kemasan Kayu tersebut akan diimunisasi kembali, begitu seterusnya.

Metode ini telah melalui proses pengujian Efikasi, Residual Efek, Toksisitas serta telah di akui dan diseminarkan pada:

Pengakuan :
  • UPT biomaterial LIPI : Mampu bertahan dari Searangan OPT dan Jamur pada Kemasan Kayu
  • UPT Biomaterial LIPI : Ramah Linkungan
  • BARANTAN : Senyawa Larutan 8 Dewa (L8D)
  • HAKI : Hak Patent
Seminar/Presentasi/Makalah :
  • Badan Karantina Pertanian (BARANTAN)
  • Para Pelanggan dan telah menggunakan metode ini.
  • Masyarakat Peneliti Kayu Indonesia (MAPEKI)
  • Surat Penjelasan ke AQIS
  • HAKI
  • LIPI
  • Seluruh packing Declaration yang diterbitkan ke seluruh Dunia.

Mampu bertahan dari serangan jamur

Ramah Lingkungan

Senyawa Larutan L8D

Hak Paten

The History

of PT. Karuna Sumber Jaya

Through Notary Ms. Helena Kuntoro. SH located at Jl. Alydrus no 40 Jakarta 1030 on Friday, June 14, 1996. The journey of PT. Karuna Sumber Jaya began. Originated from a limited partnership named CV. Harapan Gemilang that focused on exporting wooden pallets to Japan, Taiwan, and Korea. Due to highdeman and rapid development, Mr. Budi Santoso has gain overseas buyer trust as a QC man to inspect and looking for wooden pallets for export aboard. Along with the development, on Tuesday May 20, 2003 in front of Notary Miss Tiva Yanti. SH, located at Jl. Raya Narogong Km 14, Ruko Limus Pratama Regency Blok A-19 Akte No. 6 the name has change to PT. Karuna Sumber Jaya on August 15, 2008, the stock has been improved through Deed No 27.

Until this day, PT. Karuna Sumber Jaya focuses on making Wooden Packaging (Pallet, Crate, Box, Dunn age) either it is from wood / plywood. Supported by Infrastructure Resources at Jl. BPM Cikuda No. 50 Cileungsi 16820 Kab. Bogor – Indonesia, with Direct Human Resources 130 Persons and indirect Human

Resources 50 Persons, also Natural Resources in the form of Sengon farm, Afkira Plantation, Tembresi 100 HA, Bank Mandiri Financial Resources. And cooperating with research institutions and universities in terms of using environmentally friendly product to be able to innovate and ready to face global competition.



Vision Karuna

“Becoming a trusted company and a benchmark for all parties such as stakeholders (competent authorities / government), product users, associations, research institutions, foreign parties who has interest.”

Mision Karuna

  1. Using eco – friendly product.
  2. Doesn’t damage the ozone layer.
  3. Not Causing Global Warming
  4. Saving Energy
  5. Using Garden Wood that doesn’t damage the environment
  6. Promoting alternative plant quarantine treatment as a substitute for conventional plant quarantine treatment which is not environmentally friendly.

Karuna Indonesia