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Pallet Needs Assumptions in 5 Large Ports of Indonesia

Asumsi Kebutuhan Pallet di 5 Pelabuhan Besar Indonesia

This assumption is conveyed solely based on conclusions and calculated using considered data.

Tanjung Priok Port

Tanjung Priok Port

Based on the data above throughout 2008 the flow of exports was 3,984,278 x 20 ‘/ year. Assumption 50% using Pallet / Wood Packaging means 3,984,278 x 50% = 1,992,139 x 20 ‘/ Year. It is assumed that the PPM ISPM 75% x 1,992,139 = 1,494,105 x 20 ‘/ Year. Means 1,494,105 x 10 = 14,941,042: 12 months = 1,245,086 Pallets / month.

Tanjung Perak Port

goods import flows drop 10%

Tuesday, January 20, 2009 | 9:27 WIB | Posts by: jps | Category: Economy & Business | Share This:

SURABAYA | SURYA Online – Restrictions on the five types of imported products (food and beverages, footwear, electronics, children’s toys) participated in droping flow of goods imports in Tanjung Perak Port in 2008. The decline reached 10% compared to 2007, from a current of 4.1 million TEUs (twenty- feet equivalent units) per cubic meter to 3.7 million Teus / m3.

“During the 2003-2008 period, 2007 imports were the highest. However, export flows throughout 2008 actually increased compared to 2007, from 0.786 million TEUs / m3 to 1,071 million TEUs / m3, “said Ahmad Baroto, GM Pelindo III of Tanjung Perak Branch in 2008 Performance Submission, last week

Likewise, the loading and unloading flows throughout 2008 were also higher compared to 2007. For loading and unloading flows increased from 4,251 million TEUs / m3 to 4,378 TEUs / m3. While the current load also increased from 1,853 million TEUs / m3 to 2,144 TEUs / m3.

The decline in import flows based on East Biro Pusat Statistic (BPS) in East Java also quite significant. Non-oil and gas commodities fell by 23.34% as of November 2008 compared to October 2008, from US $ 1.84 billion to US $ 831.6 million. Whereas compared to November 2007, the November 2008 achievement rose from 767.9 million US dollars to 831.6 million US dollars. “The net profit growth of the Tanjung Perak 2008 branch activities in general rose 16% compared to 2007. This condition is quite good, considering the end of 2008 began to be pounded by global financial crisis,” Ahmad Said.

According to him, the current flow of exports is being boosted, considering that 2008 has not been maximized. “If the export market is usually more to Europe, the US and Japan, later on it will be maximized to China, Dubai and Arabia,” he added. For the achievement of passenger flows exceeding the target of up to 23%. Embarkation flows (up) rose from 559,006 people to 585,090, while the debarkation flow (down) from 495,349 people to 569,690. It is become the evident that the mode of sea crossing transportation is still quite attractive to the public.

“Throughout 2009, we will make improvements to boost turnover, as well as services, including revitalization of the Kalimas terminal, East Nilam, Jamrud field structuring, Karang Jamuan renovations, and the construction of Teluk Lamong,” Ahmad said. Ame.

Assumption of ISPM # 15 Pallet Needs per month at Tanjung Perak Port:

Based on the data above throughout 2008 the export flow was 2,144,000 x 20 ‘/ year. Assumption 50% using Pallet / Wood Packaging means 2,144,000 x 50% = 1,072,000 x 20 ‘/ Year. It is assumed again that using Pallet Packaging ISPM 75% x 1,072,000 = 804,000 x 20 ‘/ Year. Means 804,000 x 10 = 8,040,000: 12 months = 670,000 Pallets / month.


Belawan Port

Assumption of ISPM # 15 Pallet Needs per month at Belawan Port:

From the data above about Export Flow Year 2005 = 4,251,096 Tons & 2006 = 4,505,600 Tons Assumptions on average in 2007, 2008 and 2009 = 4,500,000 Tons / Year. If the contents of the item is 17 Ton / 20 ‘Cont = 4,500,000: 17 = 264,700 x20’ / Year. Palm oil is a commodity which has the biggest contribution of export around 70%, the rest is oilcake, plywood etc. Assumption of 20% using Pallet means 264,700 x 20% = 52,940 x 20 ‘/ Year. Assumption If 75% use ISPM # 15 Packaging / Pallet means 52,940 x 75% = 39,705 x 20 ‘/ Year. Assumption 10 Pallet ISPM / 20 ’Cont means 39,705 x10 = 397,050 Pallets: 12 months = 33,087. The rough estimate of the ISPM # 15 Pallet requirement at Belawan Port is around 30,000.

Makassar Port

Makassar Container Terminal – Terminal Petikemas Makasar (TPM) collaborates with Bintulu Call
Posted on April 29, 2009

Online Kliping from Seputar Indonesia

TPM Cooperates with Bintulu Call
Sunday, April 26, 2009

MAKASSAR (SI) – Makassar Container Terminal – Terminal Petikemas Makasar  (TPM) immediately cooperates with Bintulu Call, a shipping company from Malaysia to carry out exports directly from TPM abroad.

“in early may, the TPM will sign a cooperation agreement (MoU) with Bintulu Call, a shipping company from Malaysia to carry out exports directly from the TPM abroad,” said the Legal and Public Relations Supervisor of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo ) IV, Raflin Chalid in Makassar yesterday.

In fact, according to Raflin, potential export from South Sulawesi makes a shipping company from Korea interested in shipping directly. In addition, national export shipping companies start to have intention on Kawasan Timur Indonesia (KTI) are to become the target of export development.

To support the implementation of the export, the TPM has been equipped with customs areas and has been approved by the Customs Office (Kanwil) on March 24, 2009, with a customs area of approximately 3,100 square meters. In that occasion Raflin also said that the realization of exports from January to March 2009 in the TPM was relatively stable.

Even in January 2009, export realization rose up 100% or from 800 TEUs in January 2008, rising to 1,500 TEUs. “The high export realization was due to the implementation of export demand in 2008, which was only realized earlier this year,” explained Raflin Chalid.

He added, the realization of exports in February-March 2009 tended to be the same as last February-March 2008, namely each February export realization of 630 boxes and March of 704 boxes. Stable exports through the TPM were also compared to the number of vessel that is entering the TPM for export transport. In February 2009 the number of ships docked to the TPM was 56 calls, and in March 2009 it rose to 59 calls. The number of incoming ships according to Raflin is the same as that of 2008. However, in April, the TPM estimated that the number of incoming ships could reach 116 ship calls.

“the domination goods for export is marble and chocolate,” Raflin continued. TPM’s Operational Manager, Michael R Herrenauw revealed that the realization of flows in the TPM from January to March 2009 as a whole, both for exports and domestic trade reached 81,386 TEUs, equivalent to 1,043 metric tons (mt). Deliveries of goods through the TPM in the first quarter of 2009 were still stable compared to the same period in 2008. Although for domestic goods trading, January 2009 had experienced a decline, but for February-March was in line with the target. “It is estimated that July delivery will increase and it is encouraged to reach the 350,000 TEU target,” he explained. Hasan Madjadi, Head of Foreign Trade of the South Sulawesi Industry and Trade Office said, exports

South Sulawesi will not experience a decline this year. Because the main export commodities such as cocoa, nickel and marine products continue to request, especially with the central government’s efforts to open new markets, such as Middle Eastern countries and Africa. Despite there is some decline in cocoa exports, but the decline was more because there is some reduction in production, not because the demand,” he explained

Assumption of ISPM # 15 Pallet Needs per month in Makassar Port:
Based on the data above 2007 the export flow is 650 x 20 ‘/ month. Assumption 50% using Pallet / Wood Packaging means 50% x 650 = 325 x 20 ‘/ Month. It is assumed again that using the ISPM 75% x 325 = 243 x 20 ‘/ Month Pallet Packaging. Means 187 x 10 = 2,430 Pallets / month.

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