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Knowing Plant Disturbing Organisme

Knowing organisme penggangu tumbuhan (OPT) – Plant Disturbing Organisms

Assumption of using Priok Pallet

Based on the Statistical Source in the form of outgoing information (export) containers from Tanjung Priok Seaport Terminal. In 2008, which is 3,984,278 Teus

Comparison of Indonesia and Europe

Comparison of Situations and Conditions between Europe as the founding country of ISPM #15 with Indonesia.

Pallet Needs Assumptions in 5 Large Ports of Indonesia

Artikel tentang kebutuhan pallet di 5 Pelabuhan besar di Indonesia, beserta data pendukung dari beberapa media

Implementation comparison between HT, MB, and SPLIT

Comparison table between Heat Treatment processes, Methyl Bromide, and SPITĀ® (Semi Permanent Immunization Treatment

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